Our quality care covers Berkshire, Hampden & Hampshire Counties

Visting Nurse Association

Our approach to caring for patients and families is what we call high touch and high tech. Porchlight Visting Nurse Association uses state-of-the-art medical technology to bring the best in short and long-term care to your door, with nurses and therapists that are dedicated, friendly and compassionate.


Registered Nurses who provide skilled services including assessment and teaching, intravenous and parenteral therapies, advanced wound care, pain management, psychiatric care, parent-child and care management services.

Physical Therapists who provide consultation and teaching as well as comprehensive rehabilitation services in the home. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation are available for our therapy patients.

Occupational Therapists who provide assistance and teaching to patients who need help with activities of daily living.

Speech Therapists  who provide home therapy for speech and language problems.

Registered Dieticians who provide nutritional consultation and teaching.

Medical Social Workers who provide counseling, financial and community resource evaluation and referral, and other assessment services to assist patients with their care at home.

Home Health Aides who assist patients with personal care while the patient is under a skilled level of care.

Telemonitoring in the home is part of our standard of care. For patients who qualify, this simple service uses a monitor placed in the home to keep track of vital signs on a daily basis. The patient or a designated caregiver is shown how to use the equipment, which consists of a blood pressure cuff, finger oximeter, and scale. The patient is asked to answer 10 customized questions (such as how he or she feels that day or whether there have been changes in symptoms). This information is then transmitted to our office, where it is analyzed. Follow-up is conducted as necessary, and your doctor can be notified of your results at any time. The aim is to avoid hospitalizations, prevent a problem or help you seek medical attention that could affect your health.

Privately paid home care services may be arranged as needed.



Porchlight VNA provides high-quality short and long-term care to thousands of people in Berkshire, Hampden and Hampshire Counties, all in the comfort of their own homes. We can’t do it without your help. Your donation will help ensure that we remain in the forefront of home health care.