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Porchlight VNA/Home Care will received all proceeds from the upcoming Bake Sale held during the Spaghetti Dinner hosted by the Knights of Columbus on Wednesday, February 8th from 4-6pm at Castle of Knights 1599 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA.

We will be supplying all of the baked goods for the Bake Sale. If you would like, please donate your bake goods following the information below. For all non-bakers, you can still help by donation scratch tickets for a scratch ticket raffle tree. We also need volunteers on that evening.

*Suggested treats are: diabetic desserts, cookies, brownies, fudge, cupcakes, small dessert breads ( pumpkin, banana, blueberry etc.)
*Please bring your baked goods to the Chicopee office on Wednesday 2/8/17 before 3 PM
*Please individually identify your baked goods i.e. if made with nuts include in the description
*Bag your cookies in packages of 2-3 cookies and identify the type of cookie/item in description
*Please bring a label with description to place in front of your baked goods
*Please bring the scratch tickets to the Chicopee office on or before Wednesday 2/8/17 before 3 PM
*Volunteers for the evening can work in shifts or for the entire two-hour time period. Please call or email Amie Miarecki to schedule your volunteering at: (413)437-9862 x164 or amiarecki@porchlighthomecare.org

Thank you!