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Medicare Part B


At Porchlight Home Care we offer our patients Medicare Part B services which includes Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy.

To utilize Medicare B a person would have a taxing effort to leave his/her home with prolonged rest period upon return, making it impossible to participate in outpatient therapy services. Unlike Medicare Part A, where a person is required to be homebound. A Medicare Part B patient can go out, but with great difficulty.

Medicare Part B clients may want to have a therapist come to their home prior to a surgical procedure  for a home safety and equipment assessment.

Porchlight Therapy Department can also assist with obtaining and or upgrading wheelchairs from the standard to the High Tech Power Chair. Our therapists are seating and positioning experts.

Falls Prevention Program:  Have you been having increased falls in your home or community ? Call Porchlight Home Care for our professional therapists to assess your balance and establish a comprehensive falls reduction program, including strength, flexibility, balance and education on how aging increases your risk for falls and prevention strategies to reduce the risk. Our therapists can also teach falls recovery techniques.

Has pain limited your functional abilities, our Medicare B therapists are here to help by teaching alternative strategies in proper positioning for pain management, Modalities to include: Ice, Ultrasound, E-STim and TENS. Our Physical and Occupational therapists will establish a stretch and strengthening program designed specifically around your needs to regain your strength and reduce your pain.

If you are not sure if Medicare B will cover your needs please feel free to call at 413-243-1122.