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There’s No Better Place for Your Rehabilitation and Recovery Than at Home

Judy Cote back on her feet following knee surgery and rehab with Porchlight

Judy Cote back on her feet following knee surgery and rehab with Porchlight

For Judy Cote, of West Springfield, it has been ten years of putting off surgery and tolerating increasing pain from arthritis in her left knee. The pain had dramatically limited her physical abilities. In recent years, she has had to stop the activities she enjoys like bicycling and swimming.

  After consulting with her orthopedist Andrew Lehman, MD, of New England Orthopedic Surgeons, it was clear that a full knee replacement was her best option to ensure a greater quality of life.

  On May 12, Dr. Lehman performed a successful knee replacement at Bay State Medical Center. Following the procedure, Judy was given several choices for rehabilitation. As the Chief Operational Officer for Porchlight VNA (formerly Chicopee VNA), Judy knew that Porchlight could provide her with the best professional nursing and rehab team right in her own home.

  Porchlight’s services began in Judy’s home a few days after surgery.

Porchlight’s Interdisciplinary Services

Porchlight’s experienced Physical and Occupational Therapists (PTs and OTs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) developed a plan for Judy to recover at home.


•Nurses assessed her pain level and assisted with managing anticoagulation therapy and medications.
•Judy’s surgical incision required nurses to assess for potential problems with her healing, pain and dressing changes.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

•PTs provided passive exercises like patella and soft tissue mobilization to prevent the formation of scar tissue and encourage movement.
•Exercises progressed from the sitting position, to standing and eventually to walking.  This included leg extensions, stretching, marching and more.
•Therapists supported and taught activities of daily living (ADLs) allowing Judy to regain her functional independence at home.
•Porchlight’s Therapy Team designed an individualized home exercise program specifically for Judy’s needs.

Outcome:  Judy progressed and was soon back on her feet. She knows that she can receive the best possible care from Porchlight VNA when it is time for her to have her right knee replaced.

In Her Own Words:  “I could have chosen a rehab center or outpatient therapy. However, I wanted to be home and it was unrealistic for me to get in and out of a car six times per week to go to outpatient therapy. You really need to be ready to make your way around your own home – so there’s really no better place to do your rehab.”

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