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“Competent and Compassionate” Rehab by Porchlight VNA

Sister Kathleen Keating, former president of Our Lady of the Elms College and Porchlight VNA rehab patient

Sister Kathleen Keating, former president of Our Lady of the Elms College and Porchlight VNA rehab patient

Sister Kathleen Keating, 83, served as President of the College of Our Lady of the Elms, home of the one of the premier nursing programs in the Northeast. Having excellent relationships with some of the very best clinical professionals in the Pioneer Valley, Sister Kathleen did her research on orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation and home care providers prior to having her knee replacement. 

With all services in place, Leonard Wagner, MD, at Mercy Hospital, performed Sister Keating’s total knee replacement on April 15. She received short-term rehab at Mont Marie Health Care Center and was discharged home and Porchlight VNA to continue her recovery to a fully independent level.

Porchlight’s Interdisciplinary Services

Porchlight’s experienced Physical and Occupational Therapists (PTs and OTs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) developed a plan for Sr. Kathleen to recover in her own apartment.

Nursing: Porchlight nurses monitored the incision area closely for possible infection and assisted with pain management and medications.

Physical Therapy: Porchlight’s Therapy Team designed an individualized home exercise program specifically for Sister Kathleen. PTs guided her through a variety of knee exercises with a focus on stretching and strengthening to improve her range of motion. OTs worked with Sister Keating to teach her activities of daily living and how to manage her apartment with her new knee.

Outcome: After three weeks of Porchlight VNA services, Sr. Keating was discharged. She is now able to get back to her routine and expressed how wonderful it is to simply be able to get out and walk without pain. With the success of her first knee replacement, Sister Keating plan to undergo surgery to replace her right knee with the support of Porchlight VNA.

In Her Own Words: “What I liked most about Porchlight is that they are great human beings. The are competent and compassionate. My therapists were just so cheerful. It was all as pleasant as it can be under the circumstances. They really did challenge me, but never pushed me beyond a point where I could tolerate the pain!”

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