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Porchlight’s Nurse Practitioner Program: “Compassion makes all the difference”

Barb Tracy, Porchlight Nurse Practitioner

Barb Tracy, Porchlight Nurse Practitioner

“Compassion makes all the difference,” says Barbara Tracy, Porchlight Home Care Nurse Practitioner (NP). 

As a part of Porchlight’s NP Program, Barbara is able to help homebound patients with chronic conditions and disabilities allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own home. In collaboration with a physician, she can diagnose, prescribe, treat illness, and provide ongoing medical management for patients. But, most importantly, Barbara recognizes that it is the softer, personal touch that makes all the difference. 

This program leads to happier, well-informed and educated patients which, in turn, reduces hospital readmissions. For Barbara and Porchlight, it is much more than just providing clinical care–it is giving their patients a way to enhance their quality of life by actively participating in their own care. 

“Our whole (Porchlight) team provides a family-like atmosphere to the patients,” Barbara said. “There’s a bonding that happens that patients love.”

“We do a lot of teaching particularly with people who are discharged from the hospital. To hear what I have to say and meet them in their own space makes them more relaxed and able to hear what I am teaching them. Truly listening to the patient and family is the key to excellence in medicine. Patients want to be heard, acknowledged and validated,” she said. 

Barbara brings to Porchlight a diverse clinical background. She has worked in psychiatry at the world-renowned Austen Riggs Center and as a nurse in hospital and hospice/palliative care settings. Barbara brings a well-rounded perspective to her role as Porchlight Nurse Practitioner. 

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