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“Porchlight gives me a sense of security at home.”


Bob Wresien with Porchlight’s Marc Aube, RN

Living with congestive heart failure (CHF) means you need to constantly monitor your health and follow the right recommendations to avoid flare-ups. With the support of Porchlight VNA, Robert “Bob” Wresien, 70, of Chicopee, is doing just that.

In late February, Bob had to be rushed to the hospital because of shortness of breath and a significant fluid build-up. At Bay State Medical Center’s emergency room five pounds of fluid was drained from his body. After four days in the hospital, he was cleared to go home. But he would not be able to get back to his normal life without the support to monitor his health and provide education and guidance to reduce the possibility of another episode in the future.

With a long family history of supporting the former Chicopee VNA, now Porchlight, the choice was clear.

Porchlight’s Interdisciplinary Services

Porchlight’s experienced Registered Nurses developed a plan to build strength and provide education in his own home.

RNs trained Bob on the use of the Telehealth Monitoring system, which allows Porchlight to receive reports on vitals everyday.

Bob was educated on energy conservation strategies to help avoid the possibility of shortness of breath and/or another episode.

RNs worked with Bob to gradually wean himself to reduce the reliance on an oxygen tank to aid breathing.

Staff provided nutritional guidance to reduce sodium and encourage a diet that will reduce the likelihood of a flare-up.

Outcome: With the support of Porchlight, Bob now has the education and the tools to make sure he can stay in his own home and remain healthy.

In His Own Words: “Porchlight gives me a sense of security at home. I highly recommend Porchlight. I am so pleased with them, I’d recommend them to anybody.”