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Porchlight Continues to Guide the Way for the Abbott Family

Jacqueline Abbott at her home, which is also the business location for Abbott Limousine & Livery in Lee.

As Jacqueline (Jackie) Abbott, 79, of Lee, describes it she has “nine lives.” In the past two decades she has undergone major procedures for a myriad of medical conditions ranging from congestive heart failure, arthritis in her knees and hip, and most recently, a massive hernia. To recover and regain her independence after each of these – including a quadruple bypass by Daniel Engleman, MD, at Baystate Medical, a knee replacement by Kevin Mitts, MD, of Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates and stents inserted by specialists at UMass Memorial Medical Center – she entrusted Porchlight VNA/Home Care to help her recover, rehabilitate and regain independence in her own home.

Porchlight’s Lori Foley Green, PTA, guides Mrs. Abbott through leg extensions.

On March 4, Mrs. Abbott faced a life-threatening emergency stemming from a massive hernia in her abdominal area. Stricken with severe pain she was rushed to Baystate Medical Center where trauma surgeon Reginald Alouidor, MD, repaired multiple hernias that were protruding into her organs. Staving off the danger of becoming septic, Jackie had survived, but had a long road to recovery. After two weeks in the hospital, she received additional rehabilitation services at Mount Greylock Extended Care Facility. When it was time to continue her journey back to independence, she knew that Porchlight would be the right choice for personalized, professional care at home. 

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