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Keeping Their Promise with the Support of Porchlight

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Porchlight’s Kelly Hallenbeck, CNA, with Austin Leibenow.

Austin Leibenow, 74, knows great care when he sees it. He should. For more than 13 years he worked himself as a certified nursing assistant in the long-term care setting.

  A diabetic, Mr. Leibenow retired in 1997 because of his health challenges. Over the years, both of his legs were amputated because of dangerous infections. He also lost his vision due to diabetes.

  In addition to dealing with his own physical challenges, his wife of 54 years, Marianne, suffers from dementia. The couple is committed to staying together in their home. Porchlight VNA/Home Care has been there time and time again to help them meet their goals and stay in their home.

In order to keep the couple in their own home, Porchlight provides clinical nursing support as well as companionship and personal care.

•Porchlight’s registered nurses help Mr. Leibenow with issues with his new prosthetic and filling medications.
•CNAs offer personal care for both Mr. & Mrs. Leibenow.
•Registered nurses provide care treating wounds and administering medications.

In Mr. Leibenow’s Words: 

“Porchlight has a personal touch. The care is excellent. They are allowing us to keep our promise ‘til death do us part.’” 

Click here to read more about the Leibenow’s experience with Porchlight Home Care.