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“I Couldn’t Say Enough About the Care” -Dick Shields, Porchlight Patient

Richard “Dick” Shields

Richard “Dick” Shields, long-time owner of the family business, Dresser-Hull Company, personifies the essence of the Town of Lee.  In fact, the Lee Chamber of Commerce recently honored him with their Lifetime Service Award for his decades of stewardship and commitment to the community.  True to form, during his acceptance speech, Mr. Shields showered more praise on those who helped him along the way including Porchlight VNA/Home Care.

“This town has to be proud to have an outfit like Porchlight VNA,” Mr. Shields said in a recent interview about his experience with the organization.

In 2007 after a surgical procedure, Mr. Shields required post-operative wound care in his home.  Porchlight VNA/Home Care was called.  With the help of Porchlight’s specially-trained wound care nurses, Mr. Shields had a successful recovery.

“Porchlight had the most efficient and kindest nurses.  If we needed something explained, they would educate us,” he said.  “They made sure we knew exactly what we were doing.”

In 2011, Mr. Shields would once again require wound care assistance from Porchlight VNA.  Porchlight worked hand-in-hand with specialists at the Center for Wound Care at Berkshire Medical Center.  With the dedicated and personalized care, Mr. Shields was able to return to work at the family business. 

“I couldn’t say enough about the care.  You simply can’t beat it.”

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