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He Did His Research: Dr. Tomford at Mass General for Hip Surgery, Porchlight for Rehab

Steve Blanchard, received a hip replacement by Dr. Tomford at Mass. General and rehab at Porchlight VNA/Home Care

Steve Blanchard, 72, of Stockbridge is a rare breed. Most people who undergo surgery prefer anesthesia and personify the attitude of “wake me when it’s over!” 

Not Mr. Blanchard.

On April 2, 2013 Mr. Blanchard underwent a full hip replacement performed by orthopedic surgeon William Tomford, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital to relieve the pain of chronic arthritis in his right hip. Staying awake with spinal anesthesia, he documented the entire procedure with a video camera. A bird’s eye view of Mr. Blanchard’s story can be found on his website sblanchard.us/hip2 which chronicles his journey from the pre-operative phase, to the big day and his goal-oriented recovery with Porchlight VNA/Home Care.

It was an easy decision for Mr. Blanchard to choose Porchlight VNA. After all, when Dr. Tomford replaced his left hip in 2004, it was Porchlight that helped him regain his independence.

He did his research – Porchlight was his choice. 

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