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You have to have confidence in who’s providing your care

Dottie Griffin, patient of Porchlight Home Care

Dottie Griffin stays in her home of 50 years with the support of Porchlight Home Care.

Dorothy “Dottie” Griffin, a life-long Springfield resident, has spent more than half of her 93 years in the home where she lives today. After she retired from her administrative role in the insurance industry, Dottie immersed herself into volunteering. For decades she her time at Mercy Medical Center, CityStage & Symphony Hall, and with her church. Remaining active and independent is important to Dottie.

Sadly, in the past few years, Dottie has had trouble with falls and suffered injuries including broken bones. As a result, Dottie has spent time in seven different skilled nursing facilities for rehabilitative stays. would spend time in seven different skilled nursing facilities for rehabilitative stays. 

Dottie wants to be in her home. Porchlight Home Care makes this possible with around the clock, 24-hour assistance.

Porchlight’s Home Care Services

Porchlight’s professional home health aides provide services in eight-hour shifts, which include:

Assistance with morning personal care;
Companionship (which is so important for Dottie, who is a self-described “people-person.”);
Meal preparation (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks);
Evening personal care – bedtime routine;
Household tasks such as laundry and light housekeeping.
Outcome: Dottie is able to stay in her home of nearly 50 years with the support of Porchlight. She has peace of mind, knowing she will be kept safe and her needs will be met.


In Dottie’s Own Words: “I have to be confident in who’s providing care. It’s so important. I have grown much stronger since I came home with Porchlight. I have a great fondness for so many of their health aides. They are lovely.”

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