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Back In the Swing of Things with Goal-Oriented Rehab at Home with Porchlight After Knee Surgery by Dr. Mitts

Joe Furgal was quickly back in the swing of things after knee surgery with Dr. Kevin Mitts and goal-oriented rehab with Porchlight in his own home.

Joe Furgal back in the swing of things at the Country Club of Pittsfield after rehab with Porchlight VNA/Home Care

Joe Furgal, 74, of Lee, doesn’t miss a chance to enjoy what he loves about living in the beautiful Berkshires. 

An active member and former president of the Country Club of Pittsfield, Joe’s passion for golf and tennis has made him a key organizer of charity golf tournaments and a remarkable benefit tennis event in honor of his late wife, Audie. In 2009, Joe was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in his right knee. Although his orthopedist Kevin Mitts, MD, of Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates, administered cortisone shots in the knee, surgery was imminent.

On December 30, 2009, Dr. Mitts performed a full knee replacement. Joe was able to do some walking with assistance soon after surgery. However, he needed goal-oriented therapy and nursing support to regain his independence – and he wanted it at home. Porchlight VNA/Home Care provided the perfect combination. 

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