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Anterior Hip Surgery & Rehab with Porchlight VNA Makes for Quick Recovery

Mr. Donovan is back at it following anterior hip surgery and rehab with Porchlight VNA/Home Care.

When you crush rock for a living you cannot afford to be laid up for very long. Jake Donovan, 63, of Stockbridge, is not the kind of business owner who sits behind a desk and lets others do the hard work. After his discharge from the U.S. Marines in 1971, Mr. Donovan joined his father in the family business, J. Donovan & Son Construction. Now into his fifth decade operating the company, he has not reduced his hands-on role. Everyday there are steps to climb, heavy machinery to operate and countless trips to and from the gravel bed.

Late last year the chronic pain that he had been feeling near his left hip became overwhelming. At first he believed it was some sort of muscle strain, but after an x-ray and examination by Laurence Cohen, MD, of Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates, he learned that years of wear and tear had resulted in the complete erosion of hip cartilage. 

Luckily for Mr. Donovan, he was able to take advantage of Berkshire Orthopaedic’s new technology and the expertise of Kevin Mitts, MD, to undergo an anterior hip replacement. This specialized technique reduces the incision size and shortens recovery time. After surgery on March 27, Mr. Donovan specifically requested rehab services at home with Porchlight VNA, knowing that the professional Porchlight team would get him back on his feet in short order.

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