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Navigating the World of Senior Care: Estate Planning Attorney Paula Almgren

Navigating the world of senior care can often be a daunting prospect for a family with a loved one, who now needs health care services. Families can research the highest-quality providers through various resources, including the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website: medicare.gov. Still, understanding wills and trusts, the importance of durable powers of attorney and health care proxies, protecting the healthy spouse and planning to protect assets, like the family home, are all examples of issues that families need to consider in ensuring their loved one is well-cared for. John Krol speaks with estate planning attorney Paula Almgren about some key areas of interest for families to consider.

Five-Star Partners in Senior Care: Mount Carmel Care Center & Porchlight VNA/Home Care 

As providing care and achieving exceptional patient outcomes continues to be the focus of Porchlight VNA/Home Care, which recently was named Western Massachusetts’ only five-star skilled home care agency according to the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, partnering with other high-quality organizations in the continuum of care is important. Also a smaller non-profit organization with a local board of directors, Mount Carmel Care Center is the region’s only faith-based health care organization, and is also a five-star CMS-rated skilled nursing facility. Porchlight’s John Krol speaks with Mount Carmel’s Administrator George Mercier about the facility’s ability to provide exceptional care, which includes short-term rehabilitation care, as well as long-term care. Often, short-term patients will go home once achieving a greater level of independence, but will still need clinical and therapeutic support at home – the kind of support with registered nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists – that Porchlight can provide.

Audie Furgal Tennis Classic Returns June 20th

Founder and Director of the Lee Community Tennis Association (Lee CTA), Clare “Bunnie” Lahey, speaks to John Krol about the upcoming Audie Furgal Tennis Classic, which raises dollars for the the Porchlight VNA Home Health Telemonitoring Program and Lee CTA youth programs. To learn more and to register for the classic, log on to the Lee CTA registration page.

The Chicopee Kielbasa Festival – Get Your Kielbasa on for a Great Cause. Porchlight teams up to support the low-income fund!

Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Tom Kielbania (no, seriously, that’s his name!) about his management of the Chicopee Kielbasa Festival that has a rich history. After revitalizing the event last year, Tom talks about how it will grow this year, and how a portion of proceeds will be used to donate to Porchlight’s low-income fund.

Providing Support for New Mothers: Porchlight’s Maternal Child Program

Director of Porchlight VNA’s Maternal Child Program Joan Lane, RN, explains how important it is for many new mothers to have the support of an experienced professional. Porchlight recently received a grant from the Berkshire Taconic Foundation to ensure Porchlight VNA is able to offer the services to more mothers throughout the region.

A banner 2014, and looking ahead to a strong 2015 with Holly Chaffee

Porchlight VNA/Home Care’s President and CEO Holly Chaffee speaks with John Krol about a banner year in 2014. Porchlight doubled its size and service area with its merger with Chicopee VNA and Great to be Home Care and both branches earned top Home Care Elite status. In addition, Porchlight received a second-straight deficiency-free survey by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (the survey is conducted every three years). Holly talks about the strategy and accomplishments, as well as goals and objectives for 2015.

Understanding the private pay, uncertified home care service of Porchlight

Porchlight Home Care’s case manager Bernadette Duncan speaks with John Krol about the role of the uncertified, private pay side of Porchlight and how it integrates with the certified VNA services. In addition, active in the Pioneer Valley community, Bernadette speaks about how Porchlight is carrying out its mission for the people of the Greater Springfield region.

Patient-Centered Medical Home Model with Dr. Kaplan

Michael Kaplan, MD, of Community Health Programs Lee Family Practice speaks about the innovative Patient-Centered Medical Home, which is designed to achieve better outcomes by enhancing communication and providing an integrative team approach to care. He spoke with Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, in October 2014 on the Porchlight TV program.

Home Care = Cost-Effective Healthcare services

Porchlight CEO Holly Chaffee recently sat down with the Home Care Alliance’s Pat Kelleher and John Krol, of OneEighty Media, to talk about the changing world of health care in light of ongoing reform. Now, more than ever, home care and visiting nurses services are part of a more cost-effective solution for families and our wider community.

Great Barrington Senior Center 

Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Polly Mann of the Claire Teague Senior Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on the wide range of services provided to enrich the lives of older residents.

Porchlight VNA TV: Lee Founders Day and Duck Derby

Porchlight VNA/Home Care’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Lee Founders Day organizer Joe Furgal about the event that takes place Sept. 19-21 in the Town of Lee, Mass. Also, Porchlight board member Ed Lahey talks about the Duck Derby fundraiser. For more information on how to get your own duck in the race, contact Porchlight VNA’s Heather Ralph at hralph@porchlighthomecare.org or by calling 413-243-1212.

Porchlight Partner in Senior Care – Mount Carmel Care Center in Lenox, Mass.

Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Mount Carmel Care Center Administrator, David Laplante, about skilled nursing facilities and how they have evolved over the years. Mount Carmel Care Center received earned its third consecutive deficiency-free annul survey from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and has been selected as an Excellence in Action facility by the National Research Corporation’s My Innerview survey. Mount Carmel Care Center provides long-term care and short-term rehabilitation services in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Choosing the Right Home Care Agency – Porchlight’s Liz Haire

Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Porchlight Home Care Business Manager Liz Haire on some important details families should consider when choosing a home care agency. She also speaks about the regulations and oversight in the industry, and also the proper training and continuing education that home care workers need to maintain their licenses.

The Chicopee VNA Merger – A Perfect Fit for Exceptional Care

Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with former CEO of Chicopee VNA Judith Cote, RN, MSN, who is now the new COO of Porchlight VNA/Home Care following the merger of the organization. Also, Porchlight CEO Holly Chaffee, MSN, RN, speaks about the benefits of the two organizations with similar community-focused missions coming together to serve the Berkshires, Hampden and Hampshire Counties.

The Lee Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Colleen Henry

Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, interviews new Lee (Mass.) Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Colleen Henry. Headquartered in Lee, Porchlight VNA/Home Care is a member of the chamber and Porchlight’s CEO Holly Chaffee is a member of the chamber’s board of directors.

Porchlight TV: The Home Care Division with new Director Dawn Dewkett  


Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Porchlight Home Care Director Dawn Dewkett about her background and vision for this division of Porchlight VNA/Home Care.

A Partner in Senior Care – Devonshire Estates in Lenox and Porchlight Team-up


Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, Inc., speaks with Devonshire Estate’s Community Manager Sean O’Neill. Porchlight VNA/Home Care has a satellite office at Devonshire on Pittsfield Road in Lenox. Devonshire provides independent senior living in the Berkshires, complete with meals and other amenities. Porchlight’s presence there gives residents a convenient choice to enable them to stay in their home at Devonshire.

Elder Services of the Berkshires and Porchlight – Partners in Senior Care 


Elder Services of Berkshire County Executive Director John Lutz joins Porchlight VNA/Home Care CEO Holly Chaffee and OneEighty Media’s John Krol to talk about the advantages of the aging in place model, enabling aging citizens to remain in their home. In addition, the duo speaks about the governor’s proposed budget and its ramifications for senior services, the “money follows the person” concept and further initiatives to enable individuals to stay in their home, or is some cases, with a pilot program, return home from the long-term care (nursing home) setting.

COPD and Falls Prevention in the Wintertime 


Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Porchlight’s Director of Rehabilitation Lynn Proulx, OTR/L, and Director of Clinical Operations Anna Chapman, RN on COPD and respiratory issues that seniors face in the wintertime in the Berkshires. Also, they discuss falls prevention techniques outdoors and in the home.

Clearing the Air on Respiratory Issues


Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Respiratory Therapy Consultant Julie Ely, BS, MBA, RRT on the challenges many people – particularly seniors – face during the wintertime with respiratory issues. Julie offers symptoms you should watch out for and techniques that may work to address respiratory issues like those that occur with the common cold, the flu or pneumonia.

Porchlight’s Flu Clinics – Open for All

Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Porchlight’s Public Health Nurse Karen Farkas, RN, and Senior Billing Specialist Shannon Smith about Porchlight’s flu clinics. Everyone is accepted into the flu clinics, which are paid for through private insurance or through state funding. For more information about the flu clinics, call Porchlight at 413-243-1212 or log onto: porchlighthomecare.org.

The Latest Technology in Diagnosing and Treating Varicose Veins 

Porchlight’s John Krol speaks with Eugene Curletti, MD, of Berkshire Surgical Associates and the Berkshire Vein Center, talk about the latest, less and non-invasive techniques to diagnose and treat varicose veins. The Berkshire Vein Center is holding free screenings for the public at both their Great Barrington and Pittsfield offices. Call 413-445-6422 to reserve a spot for a free screening.

Living with Heart Disease – a Porchlight VNA/Home Care presentation

Millions are living with heart disease. Porchlight VNA/Home Care’s presentation by Director of Clinical Operations Anna Chapman, RN, BSN, CCM, helps individuals learn a variety of things that are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also joining the program is Sugar Hill Assisted Living Marketing Director Pat Bramer. Porchlight will be offering the presentation at Sugar Hill in late August. The host is Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media.

A Comprehensive Falls Prevention Program for the Community – with Porchlight VNA/Home Care

Porchlight VNA/Home Care Director of Clinical Operations Anna Chapman, RN, BSN, CCM, and Rehabilitation Supervisor Lynn Proulx, OT, speak with Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, about the six week falls prevention program that is offered throughout the community. This includes specific balance and strengthening techniques that seniors are taught to reduce the risk of falls, which statistically, are the cause of a significant percentage of medical incidents that include death and need for long-term assistance, such as a nursing home.

A Smooth Transition from Hospital to Home – Porchlight’s Maternal/Child Program

Porchlight VNA’s Maternal Child program’s Joan Lane, RN, and Community Health Program Midwife Linda Baxter, CNM, MS, speak with Porchlight’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, on the transition from the hospital to home with a newborn baby. Porchlight’s services provides guidance for new mother’s, tracking and assessing the progress of a newborn in the first few weeks – particularly in the case of premature birth, Cesarian sections, jaundice or other clinical issues during or soon after the birth.

Partnering to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Re-Hospitalizations – Porchlight and Kindred GB Team-up

Porchlight’s Holly Chaffee and Kindred Great Barrington Nursing and Rehabilitation’s Bill Kittler talk about the partnership between the two organizations and how its reducing re-hospitalizations and improving patient outcomes.

Keeping individuals in their homes, reducing hospital admissions and quality services – Porchlight Home Care


Porchlight VNA/Home Care’s Michelle Schnopp, RN, BSN, and Mary Catherine Kern, speak with OneEighty Media’s John Krol on the quality staff and services provided by Porchlight Home Care, Porchlight’s community-based CNA program and more.

Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates’ Laurence Cohen, MD, on baby boomers staying active and when to choose joint replacement surgery

Porchlight VNA/Home Care’s John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Laurence Cohen, MD, of Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates about the evolution of joint replacement surgeries like knee replacements. Dr. Cohen also talked about the importance of pre and post-operative rehabilitation, particularly in the patient’s home such as the quality rehabilitation services provided by Porchlight VNA/Home Care.

Porchlight Television highlights the Audie Furgal Tennis Classic and Porchlight’s unique telehealth monitoring system.

Porchlight VNA/Home Care show host John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Joe Furgal and Bunnie Lahey of the Lee Community Tennis Association about the 2nd Annual Audie Furgal Tennis Classic, scheduled for June 29, 2013. Also, Porchlight’s Mary Errichetto, RN, explains Porchlight’s unique Telehealth monitoring system.

Porchlight VNA/Home Care Excellence in Post-Operative Rehab

Porchlight host John Krol, of OneEighty Media, speaks with Porchlight VNA/Home Care Manager of Clinical Services Bonnie Wickham, RN, BSN, Gail Altman-Orenstein, PT, and former rehab patient Joe Furgal, who quickly recovered from a full-knee replacement by Kevin Mitts, MD, of Berkshire Orthopaedics with specialized rehab at home with Porchlight VNA/Home Care.